C++ Time Complexity Cheat Sheet PDF

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The C++ Time Complexity Cheat Sheet serves as a quick reference for beginners and intermediates looking to learn C++ data structures. This is a 1-page PDF in A4 paper size which can be printed at home.

Did you know that pushing an element on a stack in C++ takes O(1) but only if the stack adapts a deque? If the stack adapts a vector then pushing an element takes Θ(1); the big Theta symbol, Θ, represents amortized/average time complexity. Details such as these matter during tech screens and interviews, and we sincerely hope that this quick reference guide will help you stand out and win that dream job.

Data Structures:

  1. Array (std::array)
  2. Vector (std::vector)
  3. Deque (std::deque)
  4. Singly Linked List (std::forward_list)
  5. Doubly Linked List (std::list)
  6. Ordered Set (std::set)
  7. Ordered Map (std::map)
  8. Ordered Multiset (std::multiset)
  9. Ordered Multimap (std::multimap)
  10. Unordered Set (std::unordered_set)
  11. Unordered Map (std::unordered_map)
  12. Unordered Multiset (std::unordered_multiset)
  13. Unordered Multimap (std::unordered_multimap)
  14. Stack (std::stack)
  15. Queue (std::queue)
  16. Priority Queue (std::priority_queue)


  1. operator[]
  2. at
  3. front
  4. back
  5. top
  6. begin
  7. end
  8. rbegin
  9. rend
  10. empty
  11. size
  12. max_size
  13. clear
  14. insert
  15. erase
  16. push_back
  17. pop_back
  18. push_front
  19. pop_front
  20. push
  21. pop
  22. splice
  23. find


Algorithm Library Functions:

  1. sort
  2. stable_sort
  3. partial_sort
  4. nth_element
  5. partition
  6. stable_partition
  7. lower_bound
  8. upper_bound
  9. binary_seach

GCC Builtin Functions:

  1. __builtin_clz
  2. __builtin_ctz
  3. __builtin_popcount

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You'll get a high-quality LaTeX-based PDF which you can use indefinitely as a quick reference to double-check time complexities during tech screens and interviews.

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C++ Time Complexity Cheat Sheet PDF

0 ratings